Cannabis or marijuana is not something that suddenly grew in popularity. It was used since ancient times as a substance to achieve euphoria. It was used in Chinese in the form of a medicine as long back as 2737 BC from accounts of the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. It then spread to India, then Africa […]



Reported to have originated in Asia, Marijuana is a plant that has been used widely from the Prehistoric hunters to the Vikings to thousands in the present world, in many ways. While most people relate Marijuana only to its recreational functions, today excessive research has experimented and confirmed some of its medicinal functions. In this […]

More from Willie Nelson on Gary Johnson

It’s been a crazy week at the Teapot Party. First, we endorsed Gary Johnson for the Republican presidential nomination. Then Willie Nelson appeared to rescind the endorsement. In an email to me, Nelson stated: “If we back someone that’s us telling them how to vote. I’m not qualified. Let’s not back a political candidate. Let’s give our opinions and say […]

Hey CNN, Give Gary Johnson a Chance!

Teapot Party candidate  Gary Johnson is steamed about being excluded from CNN’s Republican debate on June 13. “I didn’t crawl out from under a rock to run for president of the United States,” the former two-term New Mexico governor tells Fox. “I’m that other choice, but I’ve got to have a shot to be able to present that.”   Johnson […]

Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party Endorses Gary Johnson for President

May 17, 2011 – American music legend Willie Nelson recently met with former New Mexico Governor and current Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson after a concert in Texas. The result of that historic meeting is today’s endorsement of Johnson by Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party. “I am truly gratified to have the endorsement of such an […]

Willie Nelson Changes His Tune

The Teapot Party began two days after Willie Nelson was arrested for marijuana possession in Texas on Nov. 26. He sent me an email suggesting the need for an alternative to the Tea Party – the “Teapot” Party. I started the Facebook page and and within 48 hours our nascent movement had 30,000 supporters. Nelson […]