More from Willie Nelson on Gary Johnson

It’s been a crazy week at the Teapot Party. First, we endorsed Gary Johnson for the Republican presidential nomination. Then Willie Nelson appeared to rescind the endorsement.

In an email to me, Nelson stated: “If we back someone that’s us telling them how to vote. I’m not qualified. Let’s not back a political candidate. Let’s give our opinions and say what we know about everyone, but let’s let everyone decide for themselves.”

Of course, the media had a field day with the Teapot Party’s “flip-flop” on Gary Johnson. Here are a few of the links: Politico • Toke of the Town • Reason • Drug War Chronicle • Mediaite • Daily Caller.

But one media outlet, The Raw Story, really nailed it with an exclusive interview with the former two-term New Mexico governor/wannabe president. With great humility and a touch of humor, Johnson commented on Nelson’s change of tune:

“I didn’t expect anything going in there. I do think the world of Willie Nelson. I’m a really huge fan but I wasn’t expecting anything. The flip-flop, I assume, has to do with all sorts of reality factors. I’m just guessing here. Willie Nelson aside, I’ve always openly wondered why any celebrity would endorse any political candidate because there’s just no upside to it whatsoever. But in this case he does have the Teapot Party and the Teapot Party’s main issue is legalizing marijuana, so I thought I understood his reasons for endorsing, and welcomed it. I thought that was terrific. But it is what it is, and I think it has brought attention to the issue, and maybe I’ve gotten some attention out of it, so I’m certainly not negatively pulsed by this at all.”

I forwarded this comment to Nelson last night. Here’s his reply:

“This just proves what I thought all along. Gary Johnson is a great American. He will make a great president if elected. And I will support him all the way in the GOP primary. I also support Dennis Kucinich on the Dem side if he decides to run. They are great Americans and I’m proud to support both of them.”

Kucinich is the Ohio Congressman who ran for the Democratic nomination in 2008 with Nelson’s support. So it now appears that the Teapot Party will be supporting, if not fully endorsing, both Johnson and Kucinich’s 2012 presidential runs. It’s unclear right now if Kucinich will actually be a candidate this time around.

The media can continue to have fun with the Teapot Party and our changing stands, but the fact is what appeared to be an embarrassing situation earlier this week has repaired itself, thanks to Nelson’s wise considerations. And we’ll take all that publicity, good or bad, right to the voting booths this year and next

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