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Fast Food Obesity and Overweight for Peoples


No longer do Americans need to blame their genes for their becoming fast food obesity, and they need not look far to find the real cause for their oversized frames. As there is plenty of unhealthy, low-cost fast food around and heavily fast food advertising, more and more people take fast food as their primary menu source.

With the greater consumption of such foods, fast-food obesity is becoming a great problem for which a solution needs to be found immediately.

Fast food obesity is fully enforced with Americans through plenty of advertisements by fast-food restaurants showing their decorative recipes. Because of anxiety and lack of control by themselves and in another kind “toxic food environment” most of the American are becoming overweight. This is a way of fast food obesity.

Full encroachment of fast food culture

Fast food restaurants, Grocery shops, snack bars with a lot of snacks and beverages are enormous on the ways of roadsides even in the gas stations, the Fritos, Twinkies. There could not be any escape from these excellent showcases and attractive advertisements and easy accessibility and it is very clear that fast food obesity is striking Americans with full force.

Even though the people are affected by obesity by genetic reasons people are affected because of not controlling themselves. By knowing the trend of American children and adults fast food industries are firmly fixed their roots in the entire country.

Why people can’t understand that fast food obesity will lead to diabetes as well as other health problems. As some people think that money is not a major problem for them. They are ready to get anything they want by paying high costs. In this way, fast food obesity cannot be isolated in their way of lifestyles.

There is no doubt; genetics is one of the reasons for fast food obesity. But the environment is another main source of fast food obesity and needs to be truncated, given the fact that Americans are passively accepting the consumption of unhealthy food.

By getting unhealthy fast food products, the scenario of Americans is completely changed now. Even though there is a possibility to buy breakfasts at fast food outlets such as Kentucky Fried Chicken. Americans are in much fond of such readily available high fat, high sugar foods that are in good taste but cheaper.

By the way of bacon-egg-cheese muffin servings are a high fat-delivery vehicle and the size of the servings are increasing with fantastic advertisements, fast food industries are attracting more number of consumers.

Though the Doctors, Scientists are clearly exhibiting the fact of fast food obesity, the people are going along with fast food and with less physical activities; fast food obesity is rapidly increasing. By neglecting the healthier and traditional diets, countries such as China are affected by fast-food obesity.

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