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We are a Greek restaurant. Your satisfaction gives us the strength and courage to continue cooking delicious meals for you. We are open every day except Sunday from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm and Friday Saturday until 2 am. From April to September you can use the summer terrace.

In addition to cooking delicious meals, we also pack the meals or bring them directly to your home or work. Also for everyone who is like a night owl, we are open Friday and Saturday to offer hot burgers and sandwiches until 2am. You will find pork and chicken dishes, greens, baguettes, fresh salads, pasta, skewers, and gyros according to the Greek recipe.

Gyros in Hellas is prepared according to the old Greek recipe. Marinated pork or chicken is loaded on a rotary grill toasting bar and then slowly roasted. Steaks and steaks are prepared from pork loin and chicken breast. Succulents are pieces of chicken or pork stuck on chopsticks and roasted on the grill.

Here you will find a variety of tasty salads, with chicken or pork spiced with excellent homemade dressing. Penne pasta is Italian production and is always fresh. Risotto is always freshly cooked, made from the best ingredients and tastes for all tastes. For vegetarians, for those who like exotic food and for those who like Greek traditional cuisine. Delivery and delivery are daily.

Fast food yes, but with something extra . VeggyDays is the fast food that adapts to your needs, opening up to a market in constant growth and yet still unexplored: that of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. The data are clear at least 10% of Italians (about 6 million) have changed their eating habits, choosing to become vegan or vegetarian. Choosing VeggyDays means offering your customers high-quality food, to make the moment of the meal fully satisfying, whether it is fast or consumed in total relaxation.

We have chosen to embark on an adventure to discover Mediterranean food wealth and not only and its naturalness, both aspects that today involve an increasing number of people. With our unparalleled experience in the field of food production and distribution, we offer you a winning opportunity: to open a store that adapts to your needs and your earnings objectives.

With us you will never be left alone: ​​we will follow you step by step, from the preparation of the premises to the menus, which will be rich and attractive. You will be able to offer high-quality dishes in a refined and well-kept restaurant.

The winning restaurant offer and constant assistance make VeggyDays successful fast food.

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