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What to Order When We Order Fast Food at Home Online


Are you hungry? No desire to cook? But you don’t know what to ask

We are used to using Red Fridge type apps when we order food at home, but there are days when we are tired of the same and we don’t know what to ask for. Here you have my favorite options. When I ask for the Red Fridge I ask with discounts.


The kebab is in its strong moment. A few years ago I was hardly known, but at the moment there is no person in Spain who has not tried a kebab.


The second most requested dish in Turkish restaurants. Larger than kebab and very similar
it usually goes on a menu accompanied by potatoes and coke.


Next to the kebab, the most common when people order fast food. Cheese, margarita, barbecue … there are thousands and thousands of possible combinations of pizza.
Although the best is always landlady.


It has not finished taking off in Spain, but sushi has a large audience and is a delicious meal that many people do not try simply because of ignorance.

Grilled chicken

Well done can be a delicacy. Although there are few restaurants to serve you at home, roast chicken is opening up in online food delivery orders.

Chinese Food

Bowls of rice, shrimp, eggplant, chicken, duck, and the typical noodles … Chinese food is losing customers with the ‘boom’ of Turkish restaurants, but its variety makes fast food lovers keep it in mind.

Entering a website like La Fridge Roja and receiving our favorite food at home in a few clicks and much better when we can take advantage of a discount the red fridge like this is a luxury that today is available to anyone, although some time ago or We imagined. Now even traditional restaurants are available in these services.

The Spaniards are more and more confident in receiving a true gastronomic experience when we order food at home, to be able to enjoy in the company of our partner or friends.

We feel like in front of a shop window, with hundreds of dishes to choose from, but we must take into account different factors to know if the restaurant is of quality. We show you below:

At least the specialties, schedules, physical address, photos of the place and contact phone number should appear in case any problem arises with our order.

Real images it is shown that we prefer the photo of a real dish than a ‘perfect’ photo of a plate with too many tweaks. If there is no possibility to see real photographs of the dish that you are going to order in The Red Fridge, distrust.

Quality delivery and delivery service haven’t it ever happened to you that you have ordered your food at home and it has arrived cold? As good as the dish is, if it arrives cold, it loses all its quality and will surely make you remember the order as a bad experience. The Red Refrigerator does not directly handle orders, so you must trust that the restaurant on duty has an adequate delivery service.

Location system in the Red Fridge app Essential to order your food at home much easier than walking through the address, simply pressing the app will tell you the restaurants they serve in your area. In addition to the distance that separates you from your food, in case you want to pick it up instead of being served.

Voting and comments look at what other people in that restaurant think you want to ask! Your home service may be leaving a lot to be desired lately and ruin the evening. Or that maybe there is a specialty restaurant dish that everyone recommends, but that you have missed.

The Red Fridge website is adapted for mobiles you are on a smartphone or tablet; you can order in The Red Fridge, it is perfectly adapted for any mobile device.

What are you waiting for to order your favorite food at home or to take away?

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