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Your Own Veggie Garden for Your Vegetable Food


Herbs tend to be very easy plants to grow using the organic method. A rule of thumb is if you have great soil at your disposal, then you’ll easily be able to grow any herb you want organically. Herbs grow very well outdoors in gardens or indoors, in containers.

Starting off with the best soil you can. Purchase some soil that has high quantities of organic materials within it, and remember to make sure that it can drain well. By using the best mix of soil you can get your hands on.

Your herbs will easily be able to grow to the best of their potentials; you should especially use good soil if you plan to grow your herbs in containers such as pots, plastic ice cream boxes, buckets, etc. If you are growing them in your garden, you should mix good compost in with your existing soil.

If the soil you decide to buy is packed full of nutrients, your herbs and plants will be able to fight insects more efficiently and will also be able to keep various herb diseases at bay.

When it comes to planting your herbs, you have to make sure that you pick the right location. A lot of herbs need quite a hefty amount of sunlight, but some can thrive in partial or even complete shade.

It’s vital that you choose herbs that are known to be able to grow in your country and local climate. Research the conditions suitable for the herbs you are interested in and only pick herbs that can easily grow in your specific climatic zone.

If you’re intending to buy rooted seedlings, then make sure that they are of a high-quality before you purchase them.  If you decide to grow your own herbs from seed, once they become seedlings to make sure that you weed them out and leave only the strongest looking plants to develop further. By doing this you will be giving yourself and the herbs the best chances of growing herbs successfully.

There are literally hundreds of organic pest repellents that you can purchase to help keep the level of annoying insects to a minimum. There are also lots of plants that can help repel insects organically such as garlic, lemongrass or other strongly scented plants.

You can also look out for different kinds of herbs that have a natural resistance to pests and diseases, these plants can be much easier to take care of when compared to other herbs.

Another way to deal with the pests is to make sure that you rotate where you plant your herbs each and every year.  Plan and moving the different varieties of herbs to different places in your garden, if you are able to depend on the size of your garden.

You can also experiment with the kinds of herbs that you choose to grow, if you decide to grow a kind of basil one season, you can grow a completely different variety the next season! By doing this, insects and other nasty pests will find it harder to locate the herbs that they are used to and chances of them leaving your herbs alone will be high.

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