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The Clinical Risk Assessment and Patient Safety Organization With Healthcare


Daniel Bucsko is a medical practitioner with thirty years’ worth of background and experience in the US military medical corps. He is a holder of a healthcare administration board certification as a Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) with the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE).

He is also a well-recognized and respected Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE). Dan Bucko, as he is more fondly known, is an expert in insurance issues directly touching on the topics of patient safety and risk management in the American hospital setting.

Among the important things that need to be worked on regarding the topic of patient safety and risk management (PSRM for brevity) are clinical risk assessment and patient safety organization. Daniel Buscko gives emphasis on these two as they are not just solutions to problems that may arise, but are, in practice, the preparatory steps to attaining an ideal PSRM status.

He knows that both hospital administration and the medical professionals that they are responsible for and are connected with can perform best when they have fewer fears of being dragged into a tedious and costly medical malpractice complaint.

Clinical risk assessment usually refers to the means and modes of identifying and, to a certain extent, even predicting a clinical risk scenario and what steps are needed to be taken to avoid them. Should these risks indeed arise, the resolutions that have to be undertaken are also included in this phase.

However, more attention is directed towards prevention and foresight, so that the need for the latter fixes aforementioned is narrowed down to zilch.

Dan Bucko also acknowledges the need to put up a patient safety organization. This can be likened to an emergency or crisis team. The individuals, most of whom are the hospital staff themselves and the medical consultants who in charge of the patient case and treatment course.

This team is more centered on maintaining the quality of the PSRM status that the hospital they work at, has. They are more focused on counter-auditing test results and are ideally very much involved in second opinion consultations for patients experiencing critical maladies.

They are also the team depended upon to come up with clinical risk assessment procedures and in the mentoring and continued training and re-education of hospital staff. In short, this team will be the “go-to” or protocol setting circle, that makes sure that the medical team stays on the right track and that the patient provides enough feedback to help keep him/her in the pink of health.

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