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The Calculate Calories Needed for Goal Weight Lose


Normal daily energy demand is about 1600-1800 kcal for adult men and women from 1200-1400 calories.

People who are physically active, either at work or leisure activities need more calories than sedentary people. Active men need about 3000 kcal/day, and women of 2500 kcal/day. Athletes who are training very hard and sometimes manual workers need 5000 kcal daily.

When you want to lose fat you must be honest with you and fit into the category of real weight. Don’t have to do any mistake because any surplus food is always stored as fat. A kilogram of fat equals 7000 kcal of energy stored. The burning of 500 kcal/day in addition to what you eat, you lose 0.5 kg of fat per week.

Remember always that 1 kg of fat is equal to 1.4 kg of adipose tissue. This is explained by the fact that adipose tissue contains besides fat: blood vessels, connective tissue and a small amount of water. the easiest way to determine the amount of fat in the body is an instrument for measuring skin fold, which is the principle of subcutaneous fat deposit.

A certain amount of fat in the body is still necessary to maintain health. Minimum values are 3% for men and 13% for women. This difference is explained by the fact that women need a greater amount of fat to be prepared for pregnancy.

Eating less and an exercise program is the only way to lose weight. There is no quick fix, poor diets, unbalanced, unrealistic and unhealthy because the major groups of nutrients are removed, such as carbohydrates, we need to maintain good health.

Usually, weight loss consists of a combination of muscle, fat, and others, but what is submitted to occur after discontinuing treatment is largely fat.

Take the example of a person who wishes to reduce calorie intake to 1500 kcal/day. First, breakfast should be around 600 kcal and to be composed mainly of carbohydrates (eg cereals with skim milk). Lunch should have about 600 calories, but with a composition of 50% carbohydrates and 50% protein (eg, turkey, chicken, fish or eggs and even pasta, rice or baked potato). At dinner, the number of calories should be around 300 calories and nutrition class can be replaced with supplements.

This type of diet will divide the daily ration of the following:

  • Breakfast 40%
  • Lunch 40%
  • Dinner 20%

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