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5 Ingredient Fudgy Chocolate Protein Wannabe Nutella Tasting Balls Are Very Healthy Food


Last Sunday I attended The Color Run as it made its way to Denmark for the first time ever kicking it off in Copenhagen. We were 14 happy souls running as a team for Youth For Human Rights promoting education in Human Rights in schools.

It was balls of fun! See what I just did there? You know – because in this post I am sharing a recipe for balls with you? Chocolate balls actually. Or bites. Maybe bites are better than balls. Protein chocolate ball-bites. The more times I say balls the weirder it sounds. Balls. Fudgy balls. Balling balls. Fudgy Balling Balls. Ballzzzzz.

Okay, I’m done now

So other than running 5 k together and being sprayed with multiple colors we also danced, laughed, sang, high-fived and just had an over-the-top blast on a sunny Sunday in June. Not only our group of runners but all other eight-thousand-some people were acting so hyper anyone might have thought they were suddenly at a rave party and everyone is high on drugs or drunk from drinking alcoholic beverages did I really just say alcoholic beverages?

God, I am getting old. Anyone walking along the route seeing people all dressed up in white, being sprayed with color, high fiving and hugging random people, doing flick-flacks, singing, clapping, laughing and even carrying each other around would think we were complete maniacs all white-sensation-styling who must have been taking some weird pill to have us acting like that.

The interesting thing though is that no one was intoxicated with chemicals – we were just all high on sunshine, happiness and life letting ourselves not give a fudge and just be completely crazed out by how much fun just being happy and laughing can be – exactly like little kids do (I also did share similar to these balls with my team of runners so they might have been high on balls as well. Balls can make you go a little crazy too. Ballzzzzzzzz).

It’s actually kind of funny when I think about how I used to only feel confident enough to dance, laugh and be a little crazy when I had a drink. I have never taken it as far as doing drugs or other weird stimulants, but I and tequila have had our fair share of blackouts, bruised body parts, and forgotten conversations.

Some might argue that all those drunken nights make for the best stories, but I tend to disagree. Yes, the story might be a little funny a year later but even when I laugh at those moments I am still embarrassed and deeply down regretful for having done some of the things I have done while being all tequila-queen up in da club.

Being picked up at parties by my parents before they even started, making out with random guys I do not even remember the name of, having a little too good of a time with the dance-polls in the club or saying hurtful things to some of the people I care for the most – to me that can just never be really funny. Not even 5 years later.

I do still enjoy a glass or two of wine or a pint of draft beer with friends on occasion but I have become much better at just enjoying myself, BEING myself, having fun and letting loose only intoxicated with laughter. Plus it saves me the hangovers and having to deal with all the moral dramatics the days after.

And I really have much more important things to do than feeling sick physically and mentally. I know it sounds preaching and I make myself come across as a big saint but I actually do swear sometimes and I also said balls multiple times in this post so I guess I am not perfect after all. Damn it.

Enough about me and alcohol and on to the fun and interesting part: a recipe for balls. Chocolate balls. Protein Chocolate balls. Fudgy Chocolate Protein Balls. With only 5 ingredients. And did I mention they taste a bit like Nutella?

I have not had Nutella in forever and summer but my good friend told me they were all Nutella-like in taste so I take her word for it and make you believe these healthy balls of goodness will satisfy your sweet-craving tooth. These balls are of such a kind that even melts as they fill up your mouth with all their creamy fudginess. Was that maybe too much information on the subject of balls?

Once again I use protein powder in a recipe. I know it’s probably extremely annoying if you don’t have protein powder on hand, but I dare to say you could probably sub the powder for coconut flour or oat flour, add in a little vanilla extract and you would get something similar.

I haven’t tried that combination myself but it is worth a shot. But don’t forget that if you do not put protein powder in the balls they will not make your muscles grow and you will end up with spaghetti arms and a saggy ass. Like me and most other vegans. We as a group have issues getting enough protein in our diet. Everyone knows that…..

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