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The Best Healthy Food is Raw Some Vegan Summer Salad


First I’d like to share with you that I am now also on Facebook! I know that Facebook is so best but being on Facebook means it’s so much easier for you to keep yourself updated with new posts if you are not following the blog here on WordPress.

Also, I don’t have to bother all my non-interested-in-food-and-my-weird-thoughts-friends (I know I know, why are they even my friends?!) on my personal facebook-page so you can check that out and give it a thumbs up if you like to keep yourself updated. If you are not on Facebook… well, that is just weird.

Talking about putting yourself out there to be noticed, today my thoughts went to that exact thing at the gym. Usually, when I am at the gym it’s my free-space for just lifting heavy stuff, listening to loud music and shutting out everything else out but a dumbbell, but my mind has a tendency to wander off also to either think about eating food, making food, ways to incorporate chocolate or just general reflecting on life and randomness.

Today I thought about being self-conscious and how putting too much attention on what is really not important. Have you ever done something without thinking about it too much and things were going just fine right until you just started putting loads of attention on that thing and all the details in regards to things that could go wrong with that thing? I might have said the word thing way too many times there.

Instead, I will give you an example from my own life to explain what I mean. When I was 16 I was obsessed with basketball and I went to live in Minnesota for a year to attend high school the American way and obviously to play ball in the land that basically invented the sport.

I was selected to play varsity and I was thrilled to play. In the first game of the season, I was supposed to be the sixth player, but due to one of the starters being ill with a cold I was going to start on the floor.

I was so pumped, my heart was beating like crazy and I couldn’t wait to get on that court to play. During the first couple of minutes, I was nervous, due to the crowd, the cheering and all the pressure but suddenly I just started to play the way I knew it. I made the first basket of the season, did a spin-move that got the whole crowd cheering, scored 8-or-some points and felt awesome.

However, then the newspaper came out. I suddenly noticed that in America, even in small-towns, they do stats on all the players and they will be posted publicly for everyone to see. First thing I noticed was not the 4 baskets I made but the 8 that I missed.

From then on I started to become super self-conscious and instead of focusing on just playing the game I ended up focusing on what would happen AFTER the game. Instead of just playing I kept track of how many baskets I missed.

Can you imagine what would happen if you keep track and put attention on all your failures and what could go wrong instead of just doing what you are doing and focusing on all the good you are spreading around you? I am pretty sure no successful people ever did that.

Michael Jordan didn’t make the cut to the high school team he tried out for the first time, Steve Jobs was fired from his own company and Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was 4 years old but I am pretty sure they didn’t let that kill their buzz.

You might have a brilliant idea or you do something amazingly great but you are too afraid of putting yourself out there because someone will keep score on your make and breaks. I say put it out there anyway.

If your humor, your cooking, your motivation, your work or just your smiling selfie on Instagram inspires one other person to also smile, get cooking, be positive and spread good around them for the benefit of the planet, the spirit, and humanity that is totally worth it. Then fuck all the hating, angry, destructive, non-smiling son of mothers.

So that’s exactly what I am about to do with this completely raw summer-food salad recipe. It is raw, yummy, easy to make, tastes like summer and is insanely good for you, your body, your being, and your consciousness.

So get your salad-mix on and if you do make it please share it with friends or family to taste or if you, like Joey, do not share food, then just share a picture on Instagram for me to see. I love seeing people making my recipes and loving them. It makes my day!

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