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Ido Fishman Discusses Cooking Habits to Ditch Immediately


Cooking is both challenging and rewarding. Whether you are just beginning or you have been working on honing your skills for some time, there is a good chance that you are making some mistakes. From purchasing the wrong cuts of meat to throwing out the pasta, here are some cooking and baking habits discussed by Ido Fishman that you should ditch immediately:

  • Overcrowding the pan

Overcrowding the pan is nothing less than a recipe for disaster. Even though it is incredibly tempting to fit as many vegetables as possible on a single sheet tray, Ido Fishman says that this increases moisture and food ends up steaming rather than browning. When you are sautéing, pan-frying, roasting or pan-searing your food, it is best to give the ingredients some breathing room to get the perfect golden brown.

  • Under-salting the water

When you add pasta to boiling water, part of the water is immediately absorbed by the pasta as it cooks. Not salting the water will leave it bland. On the other hand, Ido Fishman states that salting the water will mean that it is seasoned from the inside, which is a great way to achieve pasta greatness. As far as the quantity is concerned, you need to be as generous as possible.

  • Not reserving pasta water

The pasta cooking water is loaded with starch and according to Ido Fishman, this can come in handy for binding the sauce and pasta together and can make the sauce silkier. Also, the water is already salted, which makes it a lot more flavorful than just basic water. Hence, when you are making pasta, you should save at least ½ cup of the cooking water that can then be used in the sauce.

  • Rinsing the pasta after draining it

If you rinse the pasta after you have drained it, you will end up stripping it off its starch. As mentioned above, you need starch for making the sauce super silky and delicious. Ido Fishman Chef says that you can only rinse pasta if you plan on using it in a stir-fry or you are making pasta salad.

  • Seasoning food at the end of cooking

One of the most common cooking habits amongst people is adding salt at the end of the cooking process. Under seasoning can ruin your food, so you should season it throughout the process to ensure it is done properly.

  • Not remembering the importance of acid

When it comes to seasoning food, salt is given the most attention, but experts like Ido Fishman will tell you that acid is just as necessary. Acidity is often what distinguishes a good meal from a great one. Finishing a dish with a touch of vinegar and lemon at the end is enough for making savory dishes, such as stew or chili much more delicious. You can add a subtle layer of flavor and depth with acid.

  • Using a nonstick pan for everything

There is no doubt that nonstick pans are great for eggs, whether they are fried, scrambled or omelets and can also be useful for making crepes and pancakes. However, they are not great for anything else mostly because they don’t really get as hot as the other pans and they don’t always over even distribution of heat. Therefore, Ido Fishman suggests that you don’t use a nonstick pan for things that need to cooked hot consistently or require a sear.

  • Buying the wrong cut of meat

Some cuts of meat are great for slow-cooking, while there are also those that have to be cooked on high heat and quickly. As per Ido Fishman, you should ensure that you are purchasing the right cuts of meat for whatever you wish to make. If you are in doubt, you can always ask your butcher about it.

Ditch these cooking habits and you will be able to make some very delicious meals.

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